01 November wednesday
Hours 18:00
Cortile della Maddalena
Restaurant All'Enoteca

Via Roma 57, 12043 Canale (CN) – Italy
Tel (+39) 0173.95857
info@davidepalluda.it - www.davidepalluda.it

Osteria dell’Enoteca
Via Roma 57, 12043 Canale (CN) – Italy
Tel (+39) 338.5622924
info@davidepalluda.it - www.davidepalluda.it

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Davide Palluda was born in 1971 in Canale, where he lives and works.

After his professional studies at the hotel management school in Barolo, he made solid experiences in some of the most prestigious Italian and European cuisines.

In 1995, with his sister Ivana, he opened his restaurant "All'Enoteca", next to the Enoteca Regionale del Roero, based in Canale

In 2000 he was acknowledged the best young chef of the year in the EsAt food guide. Always in 2000 he received the Michelin star, which he always kept thereafter. In 2006, with his wife Annalisa, he opened his culinary lab"SD".

He was the architect of the enhancement of the table of Roero and he is recognized as one of the best Italian chefs.

He is married to Annalisa, with whom he had three children. Francesco, Vittoria and Cecilia.

Foodies Moments Chef Davide Palluda
wednesday 1 november, at 6.00 pm

access from the Alba White Truffle World Market
Cortile della Maddalena, Via Vittorio Emanuele, 19 


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