29 October sunday
Hours 18:00
Cortile della Maddalena
Restaurant San Marco

Via Alba, 136 - Canelli - AT 
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"... beyond the bushes the vineyard could be felt and the canes could be seen: that's the beauty of Canelli. It seems to be far away, in a different village, and yet the hill is no longer just a hill, even the sky is clearer, just like when it's raining and the sun is shining altogether ... "

-Cesare Pavese

Via Alba in Canelli hasn’t changed since then; behind the houses you can “feel” the essence of the vineyard , and in-between the linden trees the hill is all white sharing the colour of the grapes. Today, as in the past, the San Marco restauranti s there. At the time of Pavese it was an ancient "inn" with stables, named after a small church nearby. During the religious celebrations of the Holy Evangelist most women from the countryside went on pilgrimage there to propitiate the hatch of  the"bigat" which carried silkworms within. Today there is neither the Church, nor the "bigat", but the San Marco is still there, as well as that “Muscat breeze” from the vineyards that occasionally gently blows through the linden trees. And there are Mariuccia and Piercarlo, with discretion and perseverance keep the great civilization of these lands  alive , modernizing it with love when necessary, and in many cases rediscovering it against any contaminations and oblivion.

Foodies Moments Chef Mariuccia Roggero
Sunday 29 october, at 6.00 pm

access from the Alba White Truffle World Market
Cortile della Maddalena, Via Vittorio Emanuele, 19 

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