Foodies Moments: Chef in Valigia (Chef in the suitcase)

22 October sunday
Hours 11:00
Cortile della Maddalena
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Mendo aka Fabio Mendolicchio, being an insatiable reader and passionate scholar of Gurdjieff I approached the subject of the Harmonic development of Man, and captured by the topic of astrological influences on man’s well-being in his daily life, I began to investigate, study and elaborate the connection with cooking. That is how Stars and Food is born, a culinary horoscope that is now hosted on Italia a Tavola (Italy at the table) and PixFood (Food design). PixFood is now an exhibition displaying 9 works, nine golden frames in baroque style highlighting nine most important foods of traditional Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Since 2012 I’ve been hosting cooking shows throughout Italy, I founded Kitchen Mon Amour, which as its name says, is meant to carry on the ideas and studies I’ve been involved in for over twenty years and especially my love for the kitchen. Hence the idea of turning a suitcase into a kitchen that can reach every place and surprise, here it is Chef in Valigia (chef in the suitcase), the latest project born to spread part of this love!

Foodies Moments Chef in Valigia (Chef in the suitcase)
Sunday, October 22, 11.00 am

Access from the Alba White Truffle World Market
Cortile della Maddalena, via Vittorio Emanuele, 19

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