23 September saturday
Hours 21:00
Piazza Risorgimento
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The historical reenactment of the medieval public investiture begins with the dressing of the Lady of Alba, the allegorical figure representing the town along with the Podestà.

During the evening,the Boroughs representatives pay tribute to the Lady of Alba and, after that, the public investiture of the Podestà will take place.

The story of the re-enactment.

During the ceremony, the Chief Magistrate of the municipality with judicial and military power receives by the nine rulers of the Boroughs an act of submission together with the news of the ravages done by the Astesi during the day. He is also told about the Palio organized by the Asti population which will run under the city walls to celebrate their victory. Once he verified the city had not suffered any damage, the Podestà called on the rulers of the boroughs to organize their own Palio the following Sunday asking that it shall be run on donkeys, rather than horses, to mock the Astesi.


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