Festival of the Flag

22 October sunday
Hours 15:30
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The Festival della Bandiera Battista Destefanis l-Memorial Fabrizio Pescarmona gives life, like every year, to a real competition governed and directed by a federal jury authorized by Fisb (Federazione Italiana Sbandieratori), and which will see the participation of two other groups besides the "Sbandieratori e Musici Città di Alba" group (the flag-wavers and musicians of the City of Alba). The challenge will be divided into singe, in-pair and group performances and choreography sessions.

The festival will also be a way to celebrate the origins of the "Sbandieratori e Musici Città di Alba" group. The members of the association will be able to honor the memory of Battista Destefanis, the first President of group as well as the father of the current President Sergio Destefanis, and Fabrizio Pescarmona, one of the musicians who played with the flag-wavers of Alba.

Piazza Risorgimento
At 3.30 pm


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