Sensory Analysis of the Truffle

A heady, intense aroma, a unique and extraordinarily rich scent, as well as a great allure and an aura of mystery. This is the Tuber magnatum Pico, better known as the White Truffle of Alba, the most highly-prized of fungi.
Scientifically-speaking the truffle is an underground mushroom, but for the nose of the gourmet it is above-all a peerless aroma. How do you go about choosing a truffle though? What’s the best way to appreciate them? How should they be kept? And how should you eat them?
An expert in Sensory Analysis from OIAT (the International Truffle Tasters Association) will reveal all the secrets through not-to-be-missed sensory and smell tests. This mini truffle tasters course will provide basic information on mycology and the tools required for a correct approach to a considered tasting of the truffle.

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