2019 Programme

From 5th October to 24th November, the prestigious event dedicated to the “Tuber magnatum Pico” returns to Alba as key protagonist.

At the Alba White Truffle World Market, inside the Cortile della Maddalena, open every Saturday and Sunday, all the lovers of the “Tuber magnatum Pico” will have the opportunity to see, touch, smell and buy truffles.

Every morning, during the Market opening hours, the most precious jewels of the earth, found by expert trifolao (truffle hunters), are presented to the selectors, members of the Quality Commission, who are responsible for checking every single specimen of Alba White Truffle, and certify it by ensuring top quality and safety of purchase. The “Consumer Help Desk”, chaired by the Quality Control panel, is available throughout the whole period of the International Alba White Truffle Fair to inform consumers about their purchase rights, collect reports and give advice on the conservation and consumption of truffles. Furthermore, always in the Cortile della Maddalena, the excellent exhibition area of the World Market is joined by the AlbaQualità festival which, every year, showcases the finest and most valuable Piedmontese food and wine offer. Thousands of products, from wines to fresh and dried pasta, including also the IGP Piedmont Hazelnut, will be available for tasting and sale, allowing you to cherish a souvenir of your visit to the International Alba White Truffle Fair. Not to be missed, the Alba White Truffle World Market features a tasting area where you can taste the typical traditional dishes which are best combined with the Alba White Truffle and with the great wines of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato which are presented at the Grande Enoteca by the Italian Association of Sommeliers – AIS.
The Fair will distinguish itself, also this year, by providing visitors with exhibitions, show cookings, folklore, street events and experiential paths.

The Alba Truffle Show is still on, the area which is dedicated to the Show Cookings, Truffle Sensory Analysis and Wine Tasting Experience®. The Foodies Moments are unmissable events, that is, the show cookings where the Alba White Truffle of Alba meets the signature haute cuisine. Led by Michelin-starred chefs as well as by chefs from the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas and some of the most prestigious Italian and international restaurants, the Foodies Moments are a showcase focused on the creative gesture driving the country’s best cuisines in the creation of dishes where the the Alba White Truffle is the protagonist.

One of the novelties of the 2019 edition will feature cooking classes and dinners prepared by great chefs in unusual locations.
Furthermore, during the International Alba White Truffle Fair, Piazza Risorgimento becomes the perfect setting for the Salon of Tastes and Flavours, a pavilion that celebrates the excellence of the Piedmontese and Italian territory with its tastings, sampling, workshops and educational seminars.

The Alba Truffle Kids pavilion is accurately conceived for educational purposes and for the children: some expert educators will guide kids and their families are through various activities, workshops and games thanks to which they can discover nature, territory, cuisine, ancient traditions and much more.
In addition to this, there is folklore featuring the Donkey Palio, the events named The village re-lives itself, Truffle Bacchanal, Podestà Investiture, as well as exhibitions, sports and entertainment.

Obviously, the main credit goes now to the most famous Tuber Magnatum Pico, the real protagonist of the event which, however, does not shine only with its own light, but also sees its fame and prominence grow thanks to all the other great products of the territory.