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Piazza Risorgimento
Alba, Bergamo, Parma – Tipicamente Uniche

The project of the Ascom of the three cities for the enhancement of territorial excellence.

In the central Piazza Risorgimento will be presented to the national and international public, the gastronomic excellences that characterize the territories of Alba, Bergamo and Parma and will be promoted the joint tourist package in combination with thematic insights and tastings.

Alba, Bergamo and Parma are the three Italian UNESCO Creative Cities for gastronomy.
The cities established in 2021 the District of Creative Cities UNESCO with the intention of starting a path of common policies of enhancement and promotion of the territories. Last year the Ascom Confcommercio of the respective Cities have signed a memorandum of understanding finalized to intensify the relations, to develop economic and commercial synergies, to promote the agro-food uniqueness, to value the human ingenuity and to affirm the increase of the District as unitary socioeconomic and tourist entity.
Added value of the joint promotion is the realization of a tour, proposed to the reference tourist markets of the individual realities, among the culinary and wine excellences of the three Unesco Creative Cities for Gastronomy, made by the incoming agencies of Ascom of Bergamo, Alba and Parma.
In 2022 the event “Alba Bergamo Parma. Typically unique” was hosted by the City of Bergamo, as part of the international initiative dedicated to cheeses “Infinite Forms”.
This year the initiative promoted by the Ascom of the three cities will be the protagonist in Alba, in a specific weekend within the 93rd International Alba White Truffle Fair, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 November  2023.
In 2024 the event will be hosted in Parma.

In the institutional area set up in Piazza Risorgimento the Consortia of the three cities will present their products in specific free thematic events, to which we invite you to join by subscribing to the following link.

Piazza Risorgimento

12051 Alba CN

Piazza Risorgimento

It is the ancient mediaeval Platea and Roman Forum from which the public streets used to depart: Via principale, Via al Tanaro, Via al San Domenico, Via al Vescovado, Via al Convento di San Francesco, overlooked by the tall Negri tower demolished in 1866. This square represents the historical heart of the city where, among other things, the Duomo stands out, quite imposing with its structure reminiscent of its late-Gothic origins: on the outside visitors can admire the tall bell tower and, inside, various paintings, sculptures and bas-reliefs.