Piazza Risorgimento

Albaromatica, the event which is dedicated to the discovery of aromatic herbs and spices in their different uses, reaches the 17th edition. Piazza Risorgimento will be colored by benches of herbs, spices, flavored liqueurs, herbal teas, flavored beers and much more.

An edition that returns to the glories of the past, after the restriction due to Covid, within the program of the 92nd edition of The International Alba White Truffle Fair. The 2022 news is a didactic pavilion managed by the Municipality of Alba, as part of the project “Biodiversity in the dish”, with the support of “Narrators of Biodiversity” for the promotion of traditional food products of Piedmont in the province of Cuneo.

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Piazza Risorgimento

12051 Alba CN

Piazza Risorgimento

It is the ancient mediaeval Platea and Roman Forum from which the public streets used to depart: Via principale, Via al Tanaro, Via al San Domenico, Via al Vescovado, Via al Convento di San Francesco, overlooked by the tall Negri tower demolished in 1866. This square represents the historical heart of the city where, among other things, the Duomo stands out, quite imposing with its structure reminiscent of its late-Gothic origins: on the outside visitors can admire the tall bell tower and, inside, various paintings, sculptures and bas-reliefs.