Sunday 13th October


An event dedicated to the discovery of aromatic herbs

From 9.30 am to 19.30 pm

Piazza Risorgimento


The historic centre of Alba is imbued with the scents and fragrances of Albaromatica, a festival marking its13th edition, dedicated to the discovery of aromatic herbs and spices in their multiple uses.

The exhibitors will be divided into thematic areas: Barolo chinato, bitter liquors, distilled spirits for “Erbe in bottiglia” (bottled herbs); tea and herbal teas for “Erbe in tazza” (herbs in the cup); colours and fragrances for “L’isola delle spezie” (the spices island); sugared almonds, candies, chocolates and herbal ice cream for ”Erbe in tasca” (herbs in the pocket); While the “Benessere verde” (green well-being) area will show the thousand uses of herbs and spices for the body care and the spirit through oils, ointments, creams and perfumes. Thanks to the collaboration with Istituto Cillario Ferrero of Alba – Arte Bianca, a corner named ”Erbe in tavola” (herbs on the table) will be created, where you can taste herbal products baked in the oven. Some didactic workshops and sensory installations set up by important local authorities and companies will complement the visitors’ journey through essences and perfumes. At the centre of the square stands out “Il Giardino dei Semplici (the garden of Simples), a must-see which, with its scents and colours, will spellbind visitors along with some boards showing the properties of the most genuine Cuneo herbs. Furthermore, guests from Piedmont and around the world, will please the gluttony and nose of the Alba inhabitants and tourists: the herbs of the Langhe will meet new exotic scents and perfumes.