From 10 am to 7 pm
Barbaresco Tower

The tower of Barbaresco by its nature and location can sometimes resemble a lighthouse.

One whose walls instead of being hit by waves and tides find themselves surrounded by vineyards and hills. And exactly as lighthouses do with ships, we too guide our visitors, and not only them, in the fantastic Langhe area. But sometimes In order to better communicate the territory, we asks ourselves: what are the Langhe? First of all, they are colors. The white of the Alba truffles and the red of the great Nebbiolo. But also the green of the vineyards and the yellow – orange of white wines, sunrises and sunsets. The Langhe, however, are also geometry. The gentle undulating motion of the hills, the roundness of the barrels, the perfect lines of the rows and the verticality expressed by the plants that frame the landscape. Through these different points of view, it becomes almost obvious to see that sort of line, which at first may seem hidden, but perfectly connects these incredible lands with art and culture. The common root is identity. Expressive, environmental, artistic and personal identity. This is therefore the reason why we have chosen to organize the “Andy in Langa” exhibition. To celebrate one of the many identities of these incredible places: the Pop one. Through this exhibition we want to try to attract the gaze of visitors and lovers of the Langhe, and not only them, to the incredible expressive power of these great gentle hills.


Barbaresco Tower