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Cortile della Maddalena / Beppe Fenoglio Room

“I have always had the idea that when I go out to eat it is not just about the food, I want to be enjoyed and have an experience, hopefully for the best.
Traveling, testing famous not famous, great and not great restaurant the ones i remember is always the ones that gave me a great time.
And to reach this i believe that the best experience to give to our guest is participating in a tasting dinner.
I am in love with Italian products and I believe with all of my heart that it is the most complete kitchen in the whole of the world, I feel lucky tough growing up in Sweden (Norbotten) and for every year that goes I carish more and more using swedish cooking technics and storing of products.
Then my own passion for the asian kitchen makes me have my own style.

As a mother, wife, daughter and chef life is crazy, but so good.”

Amanda Eriksson

Wood Restaurant Cervinia
* Michelin Star

  • welcome aperitif with glass of Alta Langa DOCG wine and tasting dish of Prosciutto Crudo di Cuneo DOP (ham)
  • tasting dish prepared by the Chef paired with a glass of wine 
  • water

No variations can be made in case of food allergies, intolerances and special dietary regimes.
The Alba White Truffle slice is not included in the fee as it usually follows the daily quotation of the Truffle Exchange.
DURATION: about 1 hour and a half.

Children who participate in cooking shows by tasting the dish, must be provided with a ticket. Please inform info@fieradeltartufo.org of the presence of children in the room who do not take part in the tasting in order to arrange a chair near the parents within 72 hours.

The event is simultaneously translated into English.

Cortile della Maddalena / Beppe Fenoglio Room

Cortile della Maddalena
12051 Alba (CN)

Cortile della Maddalena / Beppe Fenoglio Room

The Hall is dedicated to the Alba writer Beppe Fenoglio (1922 - 1963), author among others of the novels Il Partigiano Johnny, Una questione privata, Primavera di bellezza. In the splendid monumental building of the Maddalena courtyard, the centre of Alba's cultural life, two large works by Gallizio face each other on the walls of the conference room dedicated to Beppe Fenoglio, set up during the Truffle Fair to host the Cooking Show.