Chef Davide Cannavino

Sala Beppe Fenoglio, entry to the Alba White Truffle World Market

Chef Davide Cannavino

Show cooking is organized in collaboration with Accademia Bocuse d’Or Italia.

Davide Cannavino, a thirty-year old chef from Genoa, had two essential professional experiences: his training at Canto della Certosa di Maggiano with a genius called Lopriore, a master of substance, sour and bitter taste, and his long role of assistant chef to Luca Collami at Baldin, before he got to open Voglia matta when he was only 22.

The laboratory where he could develop as self-taught chef patron an original unconventional cuisine perfectly blended in the context. Featuring ingredients used with a permanent sense of surprise, and a mix of tasty treats and classical references drawing on popular and aristocratic motifs, which reproduce on paper the map of the city. The cuisine proposed by Cannavino at La Meridiana is that of a pure gastronomic restaurant which is fstrongly tied to the cornerstones acquired by the chef in years of experience.

Ristorante Meridiana – Genova

To make the experience more complete at 5.30 pm (for those buying the show cooking) a glass of Alta Langa DOCG will be offered as well as a welcome aperitif created by the chefs of the Accademia Bocuse d’Or Italia with the products of the company LIFE.