11 a.m.
Sala Beppe Fenoglio
CHEF Andrea Larossa – Andrea Larossa ristorante

Chef Andrea Larossa was born in Verbania, on Lake Maggiore, on August 26, 1980.

The Lazio origins of the mother and the father of Lucania distinguish the culinary culture of the Chef, who still today carefully searches for genuine ingredients to create a cuisine with strong flavors to be tasted in the banquet of the table. Finding himself in the kitchen of the Draft Service, he captures in preparing food for others the essence of an act of universal love through which to nourish the spirit before the body. His journey continues in some restaurants between the provinces of Verbania and Novara, until he has the opportunity to enter the great kitchen of Chef Carlo Cracco. After the Milanese experience, Chef Larossa arrives at the Locanda del Pilone in Alba, where he defines the knowledge and techniques of the Langhe tradition combined with the Japanese culture of Chef Kondo. Progressively, Andrea had the need to express his idea of ​​cooking through his dishes. Feeling that he is ready to become a Chef and restaurateur, he opens his restaurant in the center of beautiful Alba: he calls it like the artisans of the past, with his surname, so that the desire to convey himself is clear. Aware that even in work, as in life, one cannot “travel” alone, he shares the project with his partner – now wife – Patrizia Cappellaro, who remains firmly at the helm of the room and the wine list. The great commitment and deep dedication lead in 2018, just two years after entering the prestigious Red Guide, the Larossa Restaurant to earn its first Michelin Star. Overcoming the most serious period of the world pandemic provides Andrea and Patrizia with the incentives to face a new challenge with themselves and new goals to achieve. So in 2021 they find one location which illuminates their dreams with new light, projecting them towards new horizons.

Ristorante Andrea Larossa – Torino
* Michelin Star

No variations can be made in case of food allergies, intolerances and special dietary regimes.
The Alba White Truffle slice is not included in the fee as it usually follows the daily quotation of the Truffle Exchange.

Sala Beppe Fenoglio

Cortile della Maddalena
12051 Alba (CN)

Sala Beppe Fenoglio

The Hall is dedicated to the Alba writer Beppe Fenoglio (1922 - 1963), author among others of the novels Il Partigiano Johnny, Una questione privata, Primavera di bellezza. In the splendid monumental building of the Maddalena courtyard, the centre of Alba's cultural life, two large works by Gallizio face each other on the walls of the conference room dedicated to Beppe Fenoglio, set up during the Truffle Fair to host the Cooking Show.

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