Cortile della Maddalena / Beppe Fenoglio Room
Chef Ugo Alciati* – Da Guido Ristorante

Ugo Alciati is the heir of a family that has written the history of Italian cuisine.

He started working at the age of 15 and never stopped.
Seasonal menus, an essential menu, the highest quality raw materials and the enhancement of local excellence have always been Alciati’s trump cards.
His philosophy: understand the nature of ingredients, respect the hard work of those who produce them, learn from their land, it is better to remove than to add.

In 2018, the chef was appointed by the Accademia Italiana del Tartufo Chef Ambassador of the Italian Truffle in the World for the Piedmont Region.

Guido Ristorante, Villa Contessa Rosa Fonatanfredda – Serralunga d’Alba
* Michelin Star

Cortile della Maddalena / Beppe Fenoglio Room

Cortile della Maddalena
12051 Alba (CN)

Cortile della Maddalena / Beppe Fenoglio Room

The Hall is dedicated to the Alba writer Beppe Fenoglio (1922 - 1963), author among others of the novels Il Partigiano Johnny, Una questione privata, Primavera di bellezza. In the splendid monumental building of the Maddalena courtyard, the centre of Alba's cultural life, two large works by Gallizio face each other on the walls of the conference room dedicated to Beppe Fenoglio, set up during the Truffle Fair to host the Cooking Show.