Chiesa di San Domenico
CONCERT of The Carabinieri Fanfare

The Nucleo Provinciale di Volontariato e Protezione Civile dell’Associazione Nazionale Carabinieri Provincia di Cuneo (the Provincial Volunteer and Civil Protection Unit of the National Association of the Carabinieri of the Province of Cuneo) – O.D.V. based in Alba, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of their volunteer activity, would like to donate to the people of Alba a concert of the FANFARA DEI CARABINIERI del III° REGIMENTO LOMBARDIA (Carabinieri Fanfare of the Third Lombardy Regiment) to be held as part of the 94th INTERNATIONAL ALBA TRUFFLE FAIR, more precisely on Saturday 26 October 2024 at 9 p.m. in the Church of SAN DOMENICO, one of the most prestigious religious buildings in the city of Alba.

The evocative setting of ALBA’s historic church was chosen as the natural context in which this particular department of the Arma could perform.
The event is, of course, free of charge (subject to availability in San Domenico).

The Carabinieri Fanfare of Milan. Historical background.

The evolution of the Carabinieri Fanfare began in 1820, a few years after the foundation of the Royal Carabinieri Corps (in 1814), when the first military trumpeters, called “trombetti”, were enrolled. In 1862, the first horse trumpeters were officially assigned to the Lombardy Carabinieri Legion, from which the “Lombardy” Carabinieri Legion Fanfare Band was born. In the winter of 1946, after the re-establishment of the Carabinieri Mobile Battalions, it became the Fanfare of the 3rd Battalion and later, in 2014, it took on its current name. The term “Fanfare” has remained associated with the band ensemble over the centuries, even though the actual instrumentation is that of a small band (or wind orchestra) that also includes reed instruments and percussion. This imprecise term is still used exclusively for military traditions. Nowadays, in addition to its traditional role in parades and military ceremonies, the Fanfare Band has an intense concert activity with a wide repertoire ranging from traditional military marches to classical, modern and contemporary pieces. In addition to its varied and important national engagements, the Fanfare Band has toured extensively abroad, including Germany, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Liechtenstein, China and Canada. The flexibility of the ensemble is also demonstrated by its participation in musical events that are very unusual for a military band, such as major jazz and soul festivals. The band has performed with internationally renowned artists such as Albano, Arisa, Luisa Corna, Mario Lavezzi, Gabriele Cirilli, Flavio Boltro, Fio Zanotti, Bernard Purdie, Nick the Nightfly, etc. The Fanfare consists of more than 30 elements and is conducted by Chief Marshal Andrea Bagnolo, who began studying the piano at a young age and, a few years later, took up the study of jazz and composition. He has been a member of the SIAE for many years and has written numerous original compositions and arrangements for various ensembles. He has a music degree in “Instrumentation and Composition for Wind Orchestra” and “Conducting Wind Orchestra” from the “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory in Milan, and a degree in “Music Theory” from the “Giovanni Battista Martini” Conservatory in Bologna and in “Applied Music” from the “Frescobaldi” Conservatory in Ferrara

Chiesa di San Domenico