From 3rd ottobre to 24th november

SO DIFFERENT YET SO SIMILAR: the art that unites

Chiesa di San Giuseppe

SO DIFFERENT YET SO SIMILAR: the art that unites

From October 3rd until November 24th the Church of San Giuseppe will host the exhibition “So different yet so similar: the art that unites” by Gianni Gaschino and Ivan Adriano.

Our territory stands out for its wine and gastronomy, its landscapes, its cities, its people. The excellence also continues in the art generated by this land of hills and vineyards starting from Macrino, passing through Gallizio up to the present day. Art shapes the present to prepare the future along its perpetual and constant evolution.

Fate, which so often unconsciously organizes our lives, puts Gianni Gaschino and Ivan Adriano in contact. The spark is immediately set off. The differences between the two artists are evident: different styles, different experiences, different age groups. They share the same enthusiasm and love for our territory from which they draw inspiration and vital moods. It is pure energy like a full-bodied fruit of our generous land.

So different yet so similar: across generations the inspiration and talent of the two artists has created strong emotions that each of them interprets and delivers in his own way: one thing is sure, whenever emotions are created that’s where Art is.


The exhibition vernissage will take place on Saturday 3rd October 2020 at 5.30 pm. in the Church of San Giuseppe in Alba.