From 13th october to 15th december

Creatively Roero. Artist residences in-between boroughs and castles

Works of Gian Luca Favetto, Sabrina Oppo, Johannes Pfeiffer, Emiliano Bronzino, curated by Patrizia Rossello

Vezza d’Alba, Monticello d’Alba, Pocapaglia, Sommariva Bosco

Creatively Roero. Artist residences in-between boroughs and castles

Creatively Roero – Artist Residences in-between Boroughs and Castles was created with the aim of building a network meant to enhance the historic villages of Roero and places tied to wine and creativity involving national and international artists. The project aims to promote cultural activities of high value and at the same time be an element of tourist attraction for the area. The program is renewed every year with new proposals and enriched thanks to the collaboration with other contemporary art-related entities.


Every year artist residencies are organized in the participating boroughs. The residences have a duration of about 3-4 weeks divided into two different moments. A first week of inspection, in spring, where each artist is guided thorugh the discovery of the borough and the area to identify the ideal place where work

can be done and take the hints inspired by the context. With the second phase, in autumn, each artist returns to the borough for about two or three weeks in order to proceed with the work creation and share the production process with the local community, which can thus play an active role in the creative process itself. At the end of the stay, a final restoration event is organized with the presentation of the works. The event attracts all the municipalities involved for a whole weekend. Over the years, a wide-ranging museum has been set up which, crossing the boroughs and castles of Roero, remains a permanent element of enhancement of the territory.



I see everywhere in nature, for example in trees, expression skills and, so to speak, a soul.  (Vincent van Gogh)

For 2019, given the peculiarity of the four new municipalities involved, Monticello d’Alba, Pocapaglia, Vezza d’Alba and Sommariva del Bosco, the main source of inspiration will be the woods and the relationship with nature, elements of great importance in these places. Different types of research have been identified: two visual artists, Sabrina Oppo, Johannes Pfeiffer, (respectively in Monticello d’Alba and Pocapaglia), a writer, Gian Luca Favetto, (in Vezza d’Alba), a theatre director, Emiliano Bronzino, (in Sommariva del Bosco) as creative writing trainer for a group of young people interested in this form of expression.
The woods… a place full of charm, of stories, an ideal refuge to think and get in touch with what is beyond the ordinary: this will be the leitmotif of the new edition of Creatively Roero.
The villages identified are perfect for hosting artists who will develop works on the nature topic, as all four of them feature some extraordinary green lungs which characterize them. An ideal combination, thus, at the centre of a network of paths that leads us back to the trees seen as a therapy to make us feel good in the body, surrounded by beauty and at peace with ourselves.

It is impossible not to quote Joseph Beuys:

“For a certain period of time we still have the possibility of coming freely to a decision, the decision to take a course that is different from what we have done in the past. We can still decide to align our intelligence with that of nature.”

It is man’s task, therefore, to preserve nature, of which he himself is an integral part.  The artist, with his sensitivity and responsibility, can play an important role in all this.  We want to undertake a research project that enhances the ability to take care of places and leaves contemporary traces in the woods able to dialogue over time with its own soul through an innovative osmotic process. Interventions carried out in a harmonious way as only art in itself can transmit: new roots planted firmly in the earth to strengthen and enhance the surrounding environment in a path of walkways rich in forms of reinterpretation cleverly rendered in unique and indelible signs.


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