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Francesco Girotti. Tra modernità e tradizione

In Alba from 2 September to 1 October 2023, in the premises of the Baroque church of San Giuseppe, will be hosted an anthological exhibition on the sculptor Francesco Girotti from Alba, curated by Walter Accigliaro and Jacopo Di Marco.

The exhibition, as the title ”Tra modernità e tradizione”, which means, ”Between modernity and tradition” eloquently states, aims to investigate the various aspects of the artist’s work by providing an overall look at his production.
Girotti, born in 1940, has been operating in the territory since the seventies using poor and hostile materials such as metals. The materials used are processed through oxyacetylene welding, an old technique used since the beginning of the twentieth century in which you do not need electricity. The flame that is freed from the torch shapes the matter outlining the volumes, just like a chisel for a sculptor, and is sometimes used in reliefs and wall works recalling the operation of the brush.

The exhibition is the final moment of a work of historical reconstruction of the artistic story of Girotti.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication of the “Publishing House Langhe Roero Monferrato” that through visual contributions and texts will provide the portrait of an artistic experience that is also the experience of a lifetime.

Associazione Beato Padre Giuseppe Girotti
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City of Alba

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City of Alba

Alba is a city nestled in the hills of southern Piedmont, an ideal centre between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain range of the Alps; the beating heart in the middle of the Langhe, Alba is surrounded by an extraordinary landscape rich in nature, vineyards, hazelnut groves and woods with unique colours; a landscape shaped by humans, rich in history, traditions, picturesque villages, castles and bell towers.