7.30 pm
Teatro sociale G. Busca
Fratelli Cerea – Teatro Sociale “G. Busca” di Alba

A unique opportunity to enjoy the enogastronomic richness of our region and its rarest and most precious product: the Alba White Truffle, but also the extraordinary cultural heritage of Alba, a city with pre-Roman origins, with a wealth of archaeological finds and evidence of its glorious past, known throughout the world for its products of excellence and, since October 2017, named Creative City for Gastronomy by UNESCO.


Enrico and Bobo, in the Olympus of haute cuisine since 2009, the year in which the prestigious Michelin guide awarded them their third star, are standard-bearers, with the family restaurant “da Vittorio”, of what is being defined as the hospitality model of the Italian restaurant of the future. Enrico, now at the head of a brigade of over twenty chefs, has developed his unique and strongly recognisable personality, which is now the soul of the three-starred restaurant “da Vittorio”, thanks to an apprenticeship that took him to work with some of the best chefs in the world. In France, he has worked with Jacques Cagna in Paris and with Roger Vergé on the French Riviera. In Munich he works with the great Heinz Winkler, while in Spain, in Roses, he is in the legendary El Bulli. And again in New York he is with Jean Gorge Vongerichten and Sirio Maccioni. His dishes, which have now become classics for gourmets and enthusiasts alike, are: raw fish, with the skilful use of crustaceans and molluscs, the symbolic ingredients of the “da Vittorio” restaurant worldwide. Next to fish is rice, a precious cereal from the Po Valley, which the Cerea brothers serve in over 120 preparations, and finally dessert, which, as in the best traditions, properly marks the end of an important meal.
By tasting the Cerea Brothers’ dinner at the Teatro Sociale “G. Busca” in Alba, you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy a dinner in an exclusive venue cooked by someone who has delighted the palates of the greatest world leaders such as Bill Clinton, the Queen of England and Barack Obama.

*** Michelin Stars
Da Vittorio – Brusaporto


Teatro Sociale is one of the most beautiful and historically rich cultural facilities in the city of Alba
It is well-known and kind of unique throughout Europe for its “double” structure, consisting of a historic 19th-century “horseshoe-shaped” hall, a modern hall with stalls and gallery, and a stage located right in the middle.

At 7 p.m. guided tour
At 8 p.m. dinner
The Alba White Truffle is included

Teatro sociale G. Busca

Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 3
12051 Alba CN

Teatro sociale G. Busca

Alba's "Giorgio Busca" Teatro Sociale is one of the most beautiful and historically rich cultural facilities in the city of Alba. In its premises, a high-level theatre season is organised every year featuring concerts, presentations, meetings and conferences. The double structure, with a historic 19th century horseshoe-shaped hall, a modern hall with stalls and gallery and a stage located right in the middle, makes the Teatro Sociale a unique building in Europe.

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