Sunday 6th October

Limoges: UNESCO Creative Cities

Like Alba, part of the network of UNESCO Creative Cities

At 3pm

Sala Beppe Fenoglio, entry to the Alba White Truffle World Market

Limoges: UNESCO Creative Cities

With the involvement of Limoges, a French town famous throughout the world for its ceramics and, like Alba, part of the network of UNESCO Creative Cities, in 2019 the project involving large companies in the creation of the “Kit for the Alba White Truffle” was completed.

In fact, the prestigious Maison Raynaud, an important manufacturer of artistic ceramics in Limoges, will create the “Pepita”, a precious box designed to present the Alba White Truffle in the best possible way, preserving its aroma and freshness.

A city of 135,000 inhabitants, Limoges is internationally recognised as the French capital of ceramic art. The history of Limoges boasts nine centuries of creativity in the crafts of ceramics, enamel and glass. Over time, these tools have modernised their production tools and have always led the city’s economic growth.

Ceramics, enamel and glass are important cornerstones in Limoges through its numerous craft workshops, associations, factories, research and development centres, schools and museums. This rich ecosystem is illustrated by an extensive programme of events, including the Toques & Porcelaine “Chefs and Porcelain” festival, held every two years, combining cuisine and porcelain by the means of live cooking demonstrations and discussions with debates.

The city of Limoges promotes the inclusion of contemporary art in public spaces, as evidenced by its street furniture and numerous art projects. The aim of the City Council is to transform public spaces into places of experimentation for ceramic art. Educational activities related to ceramic art will also be developed through active and interdisciplinary policies, in order to promote cultural expressions within civil society and inculcate “ways of seeing”.