Castle of Roddi

Inside the Castle of Roddi, in one of the most beautiful Italian cooking schools, a unique and educational experience for gastronomy lovers. Through practical theoretical courses you will learn some of the most famous recipes of the Piedmontese tradition.
At the Castle there are 7 modern steel workstations fully equipped with all kitchen utensils.
Participants are always personally involved and will have the chance to taste the dish prepared with Alba White Truffle slices on it, paired with a glass of wine.

Each participant will be presented with a gift:

  • the kitchen apron
  • the recipe prepared with the chef
  • the handbook “All about the Alba White Truffle”

There are 7 workstations that can be used individually or shared in pairs.
The course has a limited number of participants and a maximum attendance of 14 people.
The workstations are fully equipped with all the necessary items for theoretical and practical lessons.


I’m Anna, my studies have brought me to know the world of restaurants in every aspect, from being a dishwasher, a waiter, to being sous chef.

At this moment I decided to combine the hospitality and cuisine of the area in my small B&B in Alta Langa, where I chose to live.
Beauty and goodness are the things that inspire me and make me happy, and put them in a dish I prepare is my satisfaction.
The hands that cook tell stories, so mine tell an indissoluble bond with the territory and the passion for vegetable cuisine.
I have always lived in the kitchen, my teachers has always been women, mothers, grandmothers and professional Chefs who over time have handed down to me a knowledge that I love to share.


Castle of Roddi

Via Carlo Alberto, 15
12060 Roddi CN

Castle of Roddi

In the superb setting of the Castle of Roddi, the so called "Cucina della Comunità" (Community Kitchen) is presented: a symbolic place that welcomes chefs, excellent raw materials and producers. The pertinence of the Castle of Roddi becomes a venue where the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero areas interact with the world, offering an experience of contamination between history, culture, art, enogastronomy. In the "Community Kitchen", cooking classes led by national and international chefs will be held. and dinners with starred chefs will be organised byinvolving producers of excellent raw materials that will be cooked and narrated by the protagonists.