Langhe and Roero in Piazza

The typical products of the area protagonists in the historic center of Alba.

It will be a long weekend that will liven up the historic center of the city on Saturday, November 23 and Sunday, November 24.

Piazza Risorgimento and Via Cavour will host exclusive products or products particularly linked to the typical territory of Langhe and Roero, along with other food and wine excellences of the Granda province.

Overlooking the Town Hall, the Cathedral and the Towers of the city, there will be a path between tasting benches, each of which will present and tell a single product: cheeses (from the Tome of Langa to Bra and also the Raschera and Castelmagno), the products of the land – from Porro di Cervere to mushrooms, to Cappone di Morozzo, some of the most famous confectionery specialties: from pralines to nougat, to Baci di Cherasco up to the refined Hazelnut Tonda Gentile delle Langhe. And then: cold cuts and fresh pasta with Tajarin and Ravioli del Plin. The old town will be so pervaded by the scents of the various specialties.

A way of flavors to enhance the great quality products of the territory of Alba and the province of Cuneo.

Alongside the gastronomic excellence there will be wine: there will be some wineries as well as a big wine shop, where about 100 labels of Langhe and Roero, representing the best wine production in the area will be presented in tasting.

Info: Associazione Go Wine  Via Vida, 6 – 12051 Alba (Cuneo) – Tel. 0173 364631

Sat. from 4 pm to 7.30 pm, sun. from 10 am to 7.30 pm
Free admission
Piazza Risorgimento
Piazza Risorgimento

12051 Alba CN

Piazza Risorgimento

It is the ancient mediaeval Platea and Roman Forum from which the public streets used to depart: Via principale, Via al Tanaro, Via al San Domenico, Via al Vescovado, Via al Convento di San Francesco, overlooked by the tall Negri tower demolished in 1866. This square represents the historical heart of the city where, among other things, the Duomo stands out, quite imposing with its structure reminiscent of its late-Gothic origins: on the outside visitors can admire the tall bell tower and, inside, various paintings, sculptures and bas-reliefs.