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Lattes Grinzane Special Prize 2022 to Claudio Magris

Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir (Iceland) with La vita degli animali (Einaudi; translated by Stefano Rosatti), Pajtim Statovci (Kosovo/Finland) with Gli invisibili (Sellerio; translated by Nicola Rainò), Simona Vinci with L’altra casa (Einaudi), Jesmyn Ward (USA) with Sotto la falce (NN Editore; translated by Gaja Cenciarelli), C Pam Zhang (China/USA) with Quanto oro c’è in queste colline (66thand2nd; translation by Martina Testa) are the finalists of the Lattes Grinzane Prize 2022, an international award named after Mario Lattes, now in its 12th edition, which brings together Italian and foreign authors and is dedicated to the best fiction books published over the last year.

Claudio Magris, published in Italy mainly by Garzanti, is the winner of the Lattes Grinzane Special Prize, awarded each year to an internationally renowned author or writer who has gained widespread critical and public acclaim over time.
The event with the authors is scheduled this year on Saturday 15 October 2022 at 5 p.m. at the Teatro Sociale Busca in Alba (Cn)

The five shortlisted novels, as well as the Special Prize, were selected by teachers, scholars, critics and writers forming the Technical Jury. The books are submitted for reading and will be judged by 400 students of the School Juries, set up in 25 high schools, from Aosta to Catania (via Turin, Alba, La Spezia, Assisi, Campobasso, Foggia, Crotone, etc.), up to Athens. Through their votes, the young members of the jury will decide the winning book amongst the five runners-up. The winner will be announced on Saturday 15 October 2022, during the prize-giving ceremony at the Alba Theatre at 5 p.m., hosted by Loredana Lipperini. Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir, Pajtim Statovci, Simona Vinci, Jesmyn Ward, C Pam Zhang will attend the event.
During the ceremony, Claudio Magris, winner of the Special Prize, will give a lectio magistralis on a topic of his choice and will be presented with the award.

Admission to the theatre is free as long as seats are available, subject to procedures to be defined in September.
Info: book@fondazionebottarilattes.it
The bookshop at the Teatro Sociale Busca is run by Libreria Milton of Alba.
Furthermore, on Saturday 15 October, at 10.30 a.m., the finalists will meet students from schools of the Cuneo area at Grinzane Cavour Castle.
The events of the Literary Prize will also be streamed live on the website and social channels of the Bottari Lattes Foundation, thus making it possible to reach different and distant audiences and making important content of great contemporary fiction available to all.

Special Prize

Claudio Magris (Garzanti), as part of the Technical Jury’s motivation read: “Germanist, one of the greatest literary critics of the twentieth century, is today the narrator who, more than others, knows how to draw us towards some solid human values that are immune to change, values that he has been able to highlight above all through characters who have lived in the shadow of powerful people and who have served as a support to them; characters overwhelmed by life, who did not make History but rather endured it, and who are not weak because of this, but singularly strong in their melancholy or in their indomitable vigour.”

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