From 25 october to 10 november

Life.Calabria snapshots

Photo exhibition by Raffaele Montepaone

All the days from 3 pm to 7 pm

Fondazione Ferrero

Life.Calabria snapshots

Conceived as a collateral event to the conference Successful Aging 2019: Body and Mind Connection, in particular the day dedicated to the popular memory, scheduled Saturday, 9 November 2019, the exhibition Life consists of two sets of works: Faces and Hands. Faces and hands furrowed by the time and effort of Calabrian centenarians, old inhabitants of abandoned villages that seem immersed in a memorable past.

Raffaele Montepaone (Vibo Valentia 1980) began to dedicate himself to this socioanthropological research in 2007 and, thanks to his photographs, he has drawn up a document on the customs and traditions of the old Calabrian generations, their ties with the earth, but he also conveys a message to the new generations, it is an invitation to stop, to rediscover the value and greatness of simplicity in a society that tends to create young people who are beautiful, glossy and strong in body but fragile in soul.