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3 appointments on the electric bus and 2 must-see concerts in the green

From 8 to 22 October, music travels on public transport. In fact, the electric bus supplied by Bus Company will carry the public around the city of Alba, who will be able to attend an exclusive concert on the vehicle. In addition, two exceptional concerts are added to the bus route through the city streets, which will take place in two particularly suggestive places: Saturday, October 15 at the Botanical Garden of the Giardino Botanico Scuola Enologica Umberto I and the following, October 22, at the Percorso Vita San Cassiano Park in Corso Piave. The unmissable appointment is for 15 October with the solo piano concert by Krzysztof Kobyliński at the Giardino Botanico Scuola Enologia Umberto I established pianist with a bright international career, he arrives in Alba during his long European tour

Here are the appointments in detail

Free admission
For info – Tel. 3347867028

It always starts from Piazza Garibaldi, Alba, at 3.30 pm

Saturday 8 October, from Piazza Garibaldi (departure at 15.30) to the Giardinetti della Moretta Langhe: Songs on the radio with Giorgio Magliano (guitar and vocals)

Saturday 15 October, from Piazza Garibaldi (departure at 3.30 pm) to the Botanical Garden of the Enological School Enotria: Swing & More, the most beautiful swing songs ever

Saturday 15 October at 4.30 pm, Giardino Botanico Scuola Enologica Umberto I Enotria: Krzysztof Kobyliński piano solo. Polish pianist, composer, bandleader, mathematician and computer scientist. As a musician, he ranges between jazz and world music. The most important characteristics of his music are the transport and the melody that reach the listener without filters. Randy Brecker called his music “lyrical, cheerful and moving. He has a perfect sense of melody. Each piece is incredible”.

– Saturday 22 October, from Piazza Garibaldi (departure at 15.30) to the Life Path of San Cassiano Piave: Random Strings 4et, Film Music Concert

Partners: Municipality of Alba, Bus Company, CRC Foundation, Banca d’Alba




City of Alba

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City of Alba

Alba is a city nestled in the hills of southern Piedmont, an ideal centre between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain range of the Alps; the beating heart in the middle of the Langhe, Alba is surrounded by an extraordinary landscape rich in nature, vineyards, hazelnut groves and woods with unique colours; a landscape shaped by humans, rich in history, traditions, picturesque villages, castles and bell towers.