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Chiesa di San Giuseppe
ninety years of bubbles

Stop in Alba for ninety years of bubbles, the traveling exhibition of the Consorzio Asti Docg, which from October 7 arrives in the spaces of the church of San Giuseppe.

The setting, curated by Pier Ottavio Daniele, turns the spotlight on the evolution and socio-economic growth of the oldest sparkling wine denomination in Italy that today produces 100 million bottles, told through the communication campaigns that have made the history of wine advertising in Italy.

On display, for a journey through time began with the first stage last year on the occasion of the 90th birthday of the Consortium, over 50 original posters, films and images rare and unavailable of the great Italian sparkling wine houses from the first advertising images to posters of great artists such as Leonetto Capiello and Armando Testa through the TV carousels in black and white of the 50s signed by Ermanno Olmi and by the Taviani brothers, up to contemporary commercials starring sports characters and Hollywood stars.

The Moscato grape, in Asti, Langhe and Monferrato, has for some centuries met the most important terroir in the world: land emerged from the seabed, mainly composed of marl, silt, clay and sand; hills rich in organic and mineral substances, located between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea.  A microclimate influenced by sea air currents that combined with winemaking techniques refined over the years, allow Asti spumante and Moscato d’Asti to stand out in the international bubble scene for their charming aromas and a delicate and engaging taste. A park composed of 10,000 hectares, distributed in 51 municipalities, cultivated by over 4000 families of winemakers who guard a unique wine landscape, recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The activities of protection and promotion of the Denomination are carried out by the Consorzio di Tutela dell’Asti spumante and Moscato d’Asti.

Born in 1932, the Consortium turned 90 last year. The organization of an exhibition seems important to open a space for reflection not only celebratory, but also useful to emphasize the contribution – economic and cultural – that the establishment of the Consortium has determined in this long period of time. It is therefore the possibility to value and systematize the great variety and quantity of materials that, together, can help to compose the pieces of the history of the Consortium, making them recognizable and usable by the public. The aim is to provide the visitor with a rewarding experience, covering a series of thematic areas in which the Consortium’s activities took place, so as to provide complete information, without forgetting the aspects of emotional communication and storytelling. It will be an exciting journey, through the history of the denomination and the Consortium with the exhibition and presentation of narrative elements, original posters, archive photos, which make concretely represented the activities of the Consortium, the wineries and the winegrowers, their concrete contribution, the changes in lifestyles and production methods. Another important aspect of the exhibition will be dedicated to advertising campaigns that, over the decades, testify as the opening to large-scale production, with investments in not only paper advertising but also television, have made recognizable in the world Asti Spumante and Moscato d’Asti.

Chiesa di San Giuseppe