Dom. 6,13,20,27 october - 3,10,17,24 november

Olio EVO Tasting Experience

At 5.30 pm

Sala Workshop, entry to the Alba White Truffle World Market

Olio EVO Tasting Experience

How do you taste 100% Italian olive oil?
A moment to study in-depth and learn about the description of the products being tasted, the sensory analysis of the extra virgin olive oil, the food combination possibilities and the different uses for the table and in the kitchen, guided by experts in the field.

A bottle of quality extra virgin olive oil will be up for grabs, during every workshop!

6 October – INDRA GALBO (Ita – Eng)
10 November – GIULIO SCATOLINI (Ita
The perfume game. Variations between artichoke and tomato
The two perfumes which best distinguish the extra virgin olive oil, the most intense: artichoke and tomato.These same aromas strongly characterize olive oils and that also provide a division in food combinations

13 October – MICHELA BECCHI (Ita – Eng)
17 November – STEFANO (Ita)

The fairy tale of lightness. The champions of the North
Until a few years ago, olive oils were distinguished into “strong” and “light”. Quite often the “light” oils were from the North, as opposed to the “strong and decisive” oils from the South. As a matter of fact, since quality and respect for the raw materials became the key focus, even the traditional cultivars of the North now produce oils which have very little lightness indeed.

20 October – STEFANO POLACCHI (Ita)
3 November – INDRA GALBO (Ita – Eng)

Balance and harmony… Style aspects
The harmony of the extra-virgin olive oils is a characteristic of Central Italy: their balance is tied both to the cultivars, but also to the gastronomic tradition and the processing sensitivity. These are also olive oils of great character, which can be used all-round thanks to the balance between their different aromatic components.

27 October – MICHELA BECCHI (Ita – Eng)
24 November – GIULIO SCATOLINI (Ita)

The power of the sun. Character and elegance
Southern Italy is the homeland of the ingredients with a strong character where the power of the sun and the microclimate give life to some very distinctive and powerful products. However, this does not mean that they are not elegant, not at all…

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