Cortile della Maddalena / Beppe Fenoglio Room
Pasta, truffles and… magic!

Confartigianato Imprese Cuneo and artisan Chef Marco Battaglino of “Osteria Battaglino” in Dogliani are hosting an interesting workshop in which one of the most typical dishes of the Piedmont and Cuneo area, pasta, will be paired with the “king” of the fair, His Majesty the Alba White Truffle.

Confartigianato Cuneo has dedicated this year’s theme of the Creatori di Eccellenza (Creators of Excellence) specifically to fresh artisan pasta.

Flour, eggs, water and salt. Nothing simpler, you might say. But this is where, as Shakespeare would say, “there’s the rub”. These few natural elements are combined with other ingredients, either firmly tied to the Cuneo area and traditions, or… “more exotic” – which, in a province whose inhabitants are defined as “bogia nen” (literally, “don’t move”), can simply mean fish from the neighbouring region of Liguria or vegetables grown a few kilometres from the local borders. Whatever it is. The real magic lies in the hands, minds and hearts of the chefs, whom we proudly call “artisans” and who, combining technical skills and artistic flair, create pasta in a variety of shapes and forms, filled and seasoned with the most varied vegetables, meats, sauces.

Osteria Battaglino

Easy to reach and with parking facilities, L’Osteria Battaglino is named after its owner, the young Marco Battaglino, who is also the restaurant’s chef. The cuisine draws on recipes and products from the area, with interesting reinterpretations in a contemporary key, and there are also plenty of good fish and shellfish dishes. The ambience is peculiar, a beautiful restaurant opposite the monumental church, finely furnished with the collaboration of local artists who exhibit their works, creating a refined combination of cuisine and art. The Osteria’s philosophy: “to be a place of the soul, where the pleasure of feeling good turns every meal into a Sunday meal”. Of particular note is the excellent self-made fresh pasta as well as bread and breadsticks. The espresso eggnog prepared in a copper pot and served in a cup directly at your table is superb.


The Creatori di Eccellenza (Creators of excellence) of Confartigianato Cuneo

“Osteria Battaglino” has been awarded the “Creatori di Eccellenza” trademark of Confartigianato Cuneo.  The mark identifies companies that work with recognised professionalism and impeccable commercial and professional integrity, relying mainly on manual and artisan work, with respect for local traditions and the historical nature of the work in their own specific fields. In particular, the Trademark identifies companies that transform and create non-serial products with a high manual and artisanal component and that through the transformation of raw or semi-processed materials achieve a unique and exclusive end product that is the result of the creativity and inventiveness of the entrepreneur.


The Alba White Truffle slice is not included in the fee as it usually follows the daily quotation of the Truffle Exchange.

Cortile della Maddalena / Beppe Fenoglio Room

Cortile della Maddalena
12051 Alba (CN)

Cortile della Maddalena / Beppe Fenoglio Room

The Hall is dedicated to the Alba writer Beppe Fenoglio (1922 - 1963), author among others of the novels Il Partigiano Johnny, Una questione privata, Primavera di bellezza. In the splendid monumental building of the Maddalena courtyard, the centre of Alba's cultural life, two large works by Gallizio face each other on the walls of the conference room dedicated to Beppe Fenoglio, set up during the Truffle Fair to host the Cooking Show.