Sunday 24th November

Presentation of Paola Gula’s book: Favola Imbandita (Lavish fairytale)

At 4.30 pm

Sala Beppe Fenoglio, entry to the Alba White Truffle World Market

Presentation of Paola Gula’s book: Favola Imbandita (Lavish fairytale)

The book: FAVOLA IMBANDITA (Lavish fairytale)

Rosalinda is a fierce journalist of the food and wine sector, who is also much feared within her Piedmontese reality because of her brave pieces, signed Ross. Roberto Servieri, the powerful and fascinating editor of Italy’s most influential magazine, noticed her, appreciated her talent, determination and intelligence and decided that Ross should be part of his Milanese staff. Roberto’s offer reaches Ross like an avalanche and she is standing at a crossroads: she is excited to leave her small-town job, which no longer makes her happy although she loves it very much, however the idea of taking on a new challenge, where her whole career, her beliefs and her whole life are at stake, frightens her. Her hesitation doesn’t last long. Ross, advised by her two awesome best friends, embarks on adventure and goes to Milan. But she protects her secret, in Cuneo, where she lives, taking on a second identity, where the energetic and determined Ross gives way to sweet and sentimental Linda. The game of misunderstandings thus begins and generates increasingly intricate waves, both funny and shocking, in the life of Rosalinda who, as Ross, must juggle the love drives from charming Roberto, her boss in Milan, and face as Linda those from handsome Ale, the swimming instructor.

Within the background of a little-known Piedmont, among wines, cheeses, books, restaurants and a few laughs, in-between twists worthy of a detective story and a surprise ending, the adventure of a fierce journalist with a double life unfolds.

The author: PAOLA GULA

A food and wine critic. She has won several awards in the food and wine sector. She has collaborated extensively with restaurant guides and newspapers. She has origins in Cuneo and 4 children. She has a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and can boast an AIS diploma, as well as diplomas as cheese, balsamic vinegar and cured meat tasters. The “Peccati di Gula” (Sin of Gula) column is highly successful, featuring personal experiences, anecdotes and curiosities about gastronomy.


The event will be held as part of the International Alba White Truffle Fair schedule.
The author will talk with chef DAVIDE PALLUDA and writer MASSIMO TALLONE.