Sunday 27th October

Qualitaly Experience

The wedding between the great Italian excellences kicks off: the Olympic mountains of Sestriere and Vialattea set to discover the treasures of the World Heritage sites.

Qualitaly Experience

Sunday, October 27th will mark the beginning of an important path of synergy, created by the association Qualitaly and the web portal LangheRoeroMonferrato .net, where the Olympic mountains of Sestriere and Vialattea will introduce themselves and start the collaboration with the offers and treasures of the noble hills of Piedmont, while recalling the extraordinary tourist, food and wine and sporting events which are held just over an hour’s journey from Alba.

The meeting will begin (at 4 pm in the Banca d’Alba Hall of Honor) with the presentation of the events tied to the whole winter tourist season of Sestriere and Vialattea: one of the main ski areas in the world, with four hundred kilometers of slopes, over two thousand meters for over sixty percent of the track.

The aim of the meeting, supported by the presence of great sports champions, is to focus on the major international sports events which will animate the area in January 2020.  The international spotlight will be on Sestriere, first for the Ski World Cup and later for the Ca.Sta., the International Ski Championships of the Alpine Troops.

Afterwards, a show cooking is scheduled at Sala Fenoglio in Cortile della Maddalena, with chef and researcher Luca Zara, assisted by the chefs of the Sestriere and Vialattea resorts who, together, will develop, in the wake of the dictates of the Accademia della Tradizione Enogastronomica del Piemonte (Academy of Food and Wine Tradition of Piedmont), the union between the great Alpine excellence and the extraordinary treasures of the Piedmontese hills. All this will be the starting point both for the “Qualitaly experience“, which will offer guided tastings in the winter of the Sestriere hill to discover the evolution of tastes and flavours at high altitude, and for the “Giornate in Langa” (Days in Langa), thematic excursions suggested for the first time to the guests of the resorts of the Olympic mountains of Vialattea.