5 p.m.
Cortile della Maddalena / Biblioteca Civica "G. Ferrero"
Truffle Sensory Analysis – 5.00 pm

It is certainly easy and pleasant to smell the scent of Tuber magnatum Pico, the precious and rare Alba White Truffle, but it is much more difficult to encode its finer organoleptic characteristics.

Truffle Sensory Analysis can help you.
An immersive experience guided by Sensory Analysis judges from the National Truffle Study Centre, where you can discover the organoleptic characteristics of Tuber magnatum Pico.

How can you choose a truffle?
How can it be best tasted and its quality identified?
How can you store it and what are the best ways to eat it?
A Sensory Analysis judge from the National Truffle Study Centre unveils the secrets of the world’s most famous mushroom through olfactory tastings, sensory tests and hands-on experience.

The entrance ticket to the Alba White Truffle World Market IS INCLUDED when purchasing the Wine Tasting Experience, Truffle Sensory Analysis, Cooking Show or Fresh Pasta Atelier.

If you buy at least one ticket for 3 DIFFERENT EVENTS between Sensory Truffle Analysis, Wine Tasting Experience, Fresh Pasta Atelier, Cooking Show, you get a 15% DISCOUNT!

Cortile della Maddalena / Biblioteca Civica "G. Ferrero"
Cortile della Maddalena / Biblioteca Civica "G. Ferrero"

The Cortile della Maddalena, the centre of Alba’s cultural life, houses of Museo civico archeologico e di scienze naturali “Federico Eusebio”, the “Giovanni Ferrero” Civic Library, the Sala “Beppe Fenoglio”, the “Lodovico Rocca” Civic Musical Institute and, during the year, the two Alba Fairs: the International Alba White Truffle Fair and Vinum.