Sat. 9th and Sun. 10th october

Aosta Valley

Land of contact and fusion between Italy and France

Sat. at 6 pm and sun. at 3 pm

Sala Beppe Fenoglio, ingresso Mercato Mondiale del Tartufo

Aosta Valley

The smallest region of Italy is located at the north-western end of the peninsula, bordering France and Switzerland.

The Aosta Valley is dotted with majestic peaks including the highest peaks of the Alps such as the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso, and his majesty the Mont Blanc, with its 4810 meters on sea level, has no rivals in Europe: it is the roof of the old continent.
The jewel of the region is Courmayeur, considered one of the most important ski resorts in the world and the cradle of mountaineering; here was founded the first ever school for mountain guides.
Amongst its imposing mountains and magnificent valleys is located the oldest Italian National Park, established in 1922, the Gran Paradiso National Park, where you can observe animals in their natural environment: chamois, golden eagles, marmots and of course the ibex, symbol of the park.
Historically, the Aosta Valley has been considered a land of contact and fusion between Italy and France, a characteristic that is reflected in its official bilingualism and its status as an autonomous region. The large, modern tunnels underneath the Great St Bernard and especially Mont Blanc, the latter a masterpiece of engineering that ends up in French territory, have increased its characteristic of crossroads between Italy and the rest of Europe.