Cortile della Maddalena / Didactic Room of Museo Civico "F. Eusebio"
Wine Tasting Experience – The Crus of Barolo – 3.30 PM

The Wine Tasting Experience® is the most original tasting you can attend in the Langhe.

Experienced oenologists and sommeliers will guide you on a journey through the varieties of wines and labels of the area, unveiling their characteristics and trivia.

Following the example of the French Ecole Du Vin, the events go beyond the traditional tasting in the winery, a classic stop for every wine tourist, mainly because of the opportunity to taste labels from different producers in a single session.The “lecturers” are experienced winemakers, oenologists or sommeliers, each with their own personal perspective: ranging from the value of aromas in a glass of wine to wine and food pairings, to the characteristics of wines in relation to the place where the vines are grown.


The ticket for the Wine Tasting Experience includes the visit of the ”F. Eusebio” Civic Archaeological and Natural Sciences Museum.

The entrance ticket to the Alba White Truffle World Market IS INCLUDED when purchasing the Wine Tasting Experience, Truffle Sensory Analysis, Cooking Show or Fresh Pasta Atelier. 

If you buy at least one ticket for 3 DIFFERENT EVENTS between Sensory Truffle Analysis, Wine Tasting Experince, Fresh Pasta Atelier, Cooking Show, you get a 15% DISCOUNT!

Cortile della Maddalena / Didactic Room of Museo Civico "F. Eusebio"

Piazza Falcone
12051 Alba (CN)

Cortile della Maddalena / Didactic Room of Museo Civico "F. Eusebio"

The Cortile della Maddalena, the centre of Alba's cultural life, houses of Museo civico archeologico e di scienze naturali "Federico Eusebio", the "Giovanni Ferrero" Civic Library, the Sala "Beppe Fenoglio", the "Lodovico Rocca" Civic Musical Institute and, during the year, the two Alba Fairs: the International Alba White Truffle Fair and Vinum.