Battiato as a painter: his works exhibited in Alba during the Fair

Art enthusiasts and curious visitors meet and get to know the pictorial expression of the multifaceted Sicilian artist. It happened in October 2010, with 25 works being exhibited at the Church of San Domenico in Alba.

The International Alba White Truffle Fair recalls the events that have involved the capital of the Langhe over the years. This year’s edition number 92 will start on 8th October and end on 4th December; and the focus will be on the issues of climate change and sustainability.

The importance given to the chosen theme is evident from the phrase that launched this new edition of the event: Time is up, time has run out.

Looking back over the history of the event, apart from the Alba White Truffle World Market, the sensorial experiences of the Alba Truffle Show, the unusual dinners and many other chances to meet and learn more, we would like to mention an exhibition dedicated to Franco Battiato in his lesser-known guise as a painter.

Battiato as a painter: a twenty-year journey

The eclectic personality of the Sicilian artist has also touched the world of figurative arts. The exhibition promoted by the Municipality of Alba and the Ente Fiera in 2010 covered Battiato’s production through the exhibit of 25 original works.

Battiato first approached the world of painting out of a strong attraction for the Byzantine style, an iconography with a Middle Eastern flavour. From his first experiments to the most successful representations, the artist’s path was to hone his technique, without being overwhelmed and to a certain extent trapped by it.

Elisa Gradi, curator of the 2010 exhibition, wrote:

“Franco Battiato is not a painter. He is a man who paints. And that overturns perspective and crushes any attempt towards schematisation”.

In San Domenico, the works exhibited are particularly representative of Battiato’s career, from the large Triptych to Gilgamesh.

Regarding his own painting style, Battiato revealed in an interview:

“I used to think that my total inability to draw depended on the lack of a natural aptitude, as in the case of an off-key musician who cannot sing the same note he has in his head. Over time I discovered instead that I had an abstract, archetypal idea of the object I was observing; what I lacked was the ability to grasp it in its exact form”.

His self-taught experience has enabled the artist to evolve his style, resulting in a form of pictorial representation that is complementary to the musical dimension of his work.

La Cura (The treatment)

Many issues have been addressed by Battiato over his long artistic experience. These include a strong focus on environmental issues, which in recent times have gained popularity and attention.

His lyrics (from Pollution to La cura) have explored sustainability and respect for the environment. Battiato’s great modernity also lies in this: to speak of him today, over ten years after his visit to Alba, is to speak of an artist who is by nature timeless. A man who was able to read the anxieties of humanity, of the world. A man who tried to find a cure, a treatment for the distortions of modernity, and he spread his cure through his art. Whether musical or pictorial.

As a result, an unexpected connection is made between the artist’s speech and the theme of the 2022 Truffle Fair.

A great attendance

In 2010, Battiato also painted the drape to be presented to the winner of the Donkey Palio. At the inauguration of the exhibition dedicated to his works, he was welcomed by a packed Church of San Domenico.

The Truffle Fair is an event consisting of many different events, united by the desire to enhance the territory, enogastronomy and culture. Battiato has been part of this journey and we are pleased to remember his visit and his artistic expression, especially this year, when the fair will be dedicated to an issue very close to the artist’s heart.