The Alba White Truffle is an internationally renowned brand and the City of Alba is now perceived worldwide as a major destination of excellent for food and wine tourism.

During the 89th edition of the Fair, Alba was recognised as a tourist driving force for the whole of Piedmont and was chosen as perfect location to sign an important Protocol agreement between three Italian regions: Liguria, Valle d’Aosta and Piedmont, for a joint promotion of the tourist offer on international markets. In view of the new collaborations with the Unesco Creative Cities, established in 2018, the numbered bags in which the certified truffles purchased at the World Market are put wrapped and delivered were manufactured in Fabriano, the Italian paper district. The special bond between the cities of Alba and Fabriano has resulted in a special watermark paper being dedicated to the Fair to wrap and preserve the Tuber magnatum Pico. The Sala Beppe Fenoglio also hosted Limoges, which, like the city of Alba, is part of the Unesco Creative City netwok. On this occasion “Pepita” was presented: a precious box designed to reveal the best Alba White Truffle while preserving its aroma and freshness. Pepita becomes a precious element of the “Kit for the Alba White Truffle” and is made by the prestigious Maison Raynaud, an important producer of artistic ceramics in Limoges. The design object was designed by Mariela Schwarz Montiel inspired by the precious stones and the logo of the International Alba White Truffle Fair and it will be on sale, in two different sizes, at the Alba Truffle Show counters.

The Alba Truffle Show, in particular, has proved to be the privileged place for the traditions of the Italian Regions.

It happened with the Region of Tuscany with which the foundations were laid for a synergy able to enhance together, in Italy and worldwide, the artistic beauties and the excellence of their respective food and wine productions, and with the Aosta Valley for the enhancement of the DOP Fontina DOP of the Aosta Valley. The region attended the Fair to promote its territory and its gastronomic traditions through two cooking shows hosted by two chefs from Valle d’Aosta. But the twinning between the Alba White Truffle and the island of Pantelleria also continued with the presentation of Passitaly: the International Festival of Passito di Pantelleria and meditation wines.