International Alba White Truffle Fair

Presentation of the Truffle Fair 2018 Edition in Cortemilia


The 88th International Alba White Truffle Fair was presented on 13th July at the church of San Francesco in Cortemilia.

From 6th October to 25th November Alba features once again the event and meeting among culture, territory, sensory and gastronomic experiences, with an edition dedicated to the relationship between the land and the moon.

With over 600,000 visitors from the last edition, this is the highlight of the event for excellent food and wine tourism, one of the main tourist attractions for the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas. The truffle production is an event hard to predict in advance, the rain showers at the end of summer can often make a difference, therefore although the truffle-hunters prefer to keep quiet now, there’s some cautious optimism about the presence of the Alba White Truffle as a consequence of the generous rainfall during the first part of the year, which created some reserves useful for the formation of fruiting bodies.

The conference, moderated by journalist Sabrina Donadel, was attended by Liliana Allena, President of the International Alba White Truffle Organization; Maurizio Marello, the mayor of Alba; Paola Casagrande, the general director of the Piedmont Region’s culture and tourism office; Alberto Valmaggia, the Councilor for the Environment, City Planning, Territorial and Landscape Planning, Mountain Development, Forests, Parks, Civil Defense. Roberto Bodrito, the mayor of Cortemilia and President of the Unione Montana Alta Langa, welcomed all, and Giandomenico Genta, the president of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo, Luigi Barbero, the president of the Ente Turismo Alba Bra Langhe and Roero, Luciano Tona, the director of the Bocuse d’Or Italy Academy and the honorable MEP Alberto Cirio intervened during the meeting.
As stated by Lilliana Allena, president of the International Alba White Truffle Fair Organization, “The challenge of the organizers of major events is responding to many needs in a very short time. The truffle fair must be this: many tourist high quality products, to be placed on the market as fast as Amazon Prime but to be lived with the typical slowness of our tradition. Managing an increasingly fast demand and an offer that will be successful only if it remains slow, is the goal of the fair and of the whole taste-based Piedmont tourism system. We’ll be successfull with governance, business, models and technologies, all very smart”.

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