A series of unmissable events to celebrate the gold of the Langhe in combination with the great wines and gastronomic excellence of the area.

Fresh pasta atelier

“Life is a combination of pasta and magic.” Federico Fellini

Piedmont has a very ancient history and its gastronomic origins are deep-rooted in the history of this region. Absolute protagonists are the various formats of fresh pasta. The “Fresh Pasta Ateliers” are an extraordinary opportunity to learn the secrets of home-made egg pasta, which finds its perfect balance in the combination with the Alba White Truffle. You will learn all the basic skills and recipes to make fresh homemade pasta. A short practical course to go home with a wealth of knowledge that is as tasty as it is valuable. At the end of the class there will be a tasting with the products made by the chef!


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Truffle sensory analysis

It is certainly easy and pleasant to smell the scent of Tuber magnatum Pico, the precious and rare Alba White Truffle, but it is much more difficult to encode its finer organoleptic characteristics.
Truffle Sensory Analysis can help you.

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A series of workshops that provide the deepening of the typical products of our territory with olfactory tests and guided tastings.

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