About the Alba White Truffle

The Alba White Truffle has a round shape, but it is also flat and irregular, with a pale yellow peridium or even ochre.

Its inside, crossed by numerous and very ramified white veinings, shows different shades of colour: from milk to deep pink to brownish. Sizes are variable. It’s being hunted from late summer, throughout the autumn, until the beginning of winter. It’s a spontaneous fungus: at present, there are no cultivation techniques.
Ricerca del Tartufo Bianco d'Alba

The environment and truffle hunting

This is the most exciting experience for a truffle lover. A truffle-hunter along with his dog goes into the woods searching for this valuable hypogeum fungus, guided only by the animal’s nose and by the insightfulness gained through years of experience. The white truffle of Alba grows spontaneously, in symbiosis with specific trees or shrubs. These areas are characterized by an extremely delicate environmental balance, which need a special attention and agronomical care.