Giacomo. The truffle brush

Giacomo: you need to have a nose for truffles…

From the collaboration with Gufram comes the new piece of the kit dedicated to the Alba White Truffle: the truffle brush – conceived by Job Smeets – dedicated to Giacomo Morra’s genius.

Giacomo is the truffle brush conceived by Job Smeets‘ unconventional genius: from his kaleidoscopic and imaginative iconographic catalogue the designer has actually chosen the iconic image of the “nose”, transforming it into a functional and at the same time evocative object of the olfactory experience which, by anticipating the pleasure of taste, is the very essence of the Alba White Truffle.

Giacomo. La spazzola da tartufo by Gufram

The sculpted nose with 24 carat gold finish is made by master goldsmiths using the most innovative techniques of high-end jewellery, while the embedded brush features 100% natural tampico fibre bristles, in accordance with the performance principles laid out by Centro Nazionale Studi Tartufo.

Giacomo is not a casual nose, it is Giacomo Morra’s – to whom the name of the object pays tribute – who is considered the creator of the Alba White Truffle Fair and its international successful history. Through a research work carried out with archive photographs, the same shape of Morra’s nose has been reconstructed and reproduced in the Giacomo specimens.

The brush will be sold at the Alba White Truffle Fair – Cortile della Maddalena, Sala Beppe Fenoglio.