The glove by Patricia Urquiola

“Trace. A glove for the Alba White Truffle”.

The glove has been especially designed by Patricia Urquiola and developed through the collaboration between Alba Fair and Alessi, thanks to which the de Truffle project was launched. Between 2016 and 2017, fifteen international designers were involved in the creation of a line of objects dedicated to the Alba White Truffle, which led to the production of the truffle slicer named Alba, designed by Ben van Berkel.

With “Trace” Urquiola’s research for the de Truffle Kit continues. This new object is also the result of her deep conceptual philosophy and the designer’s creative sensibility: her projects are developed and based on a precise analogical method, that is, ideas are generated by the stimuli she obtains from everyday life, journeys, arts and books which evoke free and evocative associations in the final users.

On a blue background – which refers to the ancestral mystery of the night where the “search” for truffles takes place under the moonlight – stands out, in pink, the intricate map of its section. The design of the inside of the truffle entirely covers the surface of the glove, highlighting once again the important role that the skin of the objects as well as the tactile and visual aspect plays in Patricia Urquiola’s creative process; it could almost be said that Urquiola “thinks with her own hands”. A sensitivity for materials that has been refined over time, starting with the teachings of her masters – Achille Castiglioni, with whom she graduated at the Polytechnic of Milan, and Vico Magistretti, with whom she worked at the Maddalena De Padova project design office – and which is quite evident today in a transversal design that includes objects, architecture and installations.