2022 edition in the sign of climate change. Time is up

Alba presents the new edition of the event dedicated to Tuber Magnatum Pico. In the wake of the previous edition, this year the theme of sustainability and risks related to climate change will be addressed. This also affects our beloved truffle.

2021, Connected with Nature. 2022, Time is up. The work begun last year continues to bring the International Alba White Truffle Fair closer to issues of sustainability and the risks to which ecosystems are exposed as a result of climate change. An approach that prioritises continuity, directly addressing a key issue, especially for the new generations: the urgency to act. Time is up, reads this year’s payoff. Time has run out.

The truffle as an environmental health indicator

The prized hypogeous mushroom is a perfect representation of natural harmony. It grows in symbiosis with the roots of trees, where climatic conditions are particularly favourable. 2022 saw an unprecedented drought in our country, and in Piedmont in particular. The lack of rainfall is a worrying sign for the environment, for crops and indeed for the Truffle, and this year’ s edition of the Fair aims to underline this.

Climate change is a very popular topic among young people, an audience to whom the Fair aims to address more strongly.

With Time is up, the Fair Board aims to invite people to act and seize the opportunities which, as always, arise from every transformation: to act quickly, act consciously, act ethically and with social responsibility. The 92nd edition addresses the public with a contemporary language, launching an appeal that captures the sensitivity of the new generations.

Responsible Tourism

“The challenge that the International Alba White Truffle Fair is taking up is to be constantly contemporary: – stated Liliana Allena, president of the Fair Board – we are aware that due to the urgency of climate change issues, we need to address and encourage a cultural shift that must necessarily involve the new generations more closely. Since young people are not the future, they are the present”.

Time is up also means to provide appealing experiential content for young people, mixing pop moments with in-depth, cultural and entertainment experiences. The aim is to educate, inform and entertain, encouraging increased awareness that will result in virtuous daily habits. A change that begins with small things, from all, and then achieves maximum impact, thanks to everyone’s efforts.

The Fair has developed a hospitality model that year after year improves tools and solutions to reduce environmental impact. It is precisely the uniqueness of the environment, and the precious fruits it provides, that the Fair celebrates through the Truffle.

Enogastronomy, tourism and environment

On 14 September, the events calendar for the 2022 edition of the International Alba White Truffle Fair will be announced. Mayor Carlo Bo reassures:

“Enogastronomy and tourism will be the key protagonists of Autumn 2022”.

It looks likely to be an edition full of opportunities for meetings, events and celebration of local flavours. An event that looks to traditions without ever forgetting the future. A tomorrow where the care for the environment, more than it is today, will become a key issue for all events.

Time is up? The Fair theme is both a provocation and a challenge. Time is running out if we do not become aware of the risks that climate change brings. The 92nd edition of the Alba White Truffle Fair takes up the challenge to ensure a sustainable tomorrow, and prepares to welcome and engage anyone willing to help face it.