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Sensory experiences, courses and cooking

In the magnificent setting of Roddi Castle, the “Community Kitchen” is presented: a symbolic place that hosts chefs, premium raw materials and producers.

The first “community house” was already quoted in the 15th century as a place where “the heads of the house were called to elect the community counselors in the aforementioned dispute against the local landlords. The house […] was also the seat of the local court. […]”.

The Fair Body offers visitors experiences of great quality and charm in a place rich in history. The relevance of the Castle of Roddi becomes a virtual venue through which the Langhe Monferrato and Roero area interacts with the world and delivers an intertwining experience that merges history, culture, art, food and wine.

Alongside digital experiences the “Community Kitchen” will also host cooking courses led by national and international chefs and organized dinners with starred chefs which will involve producers of the finest raw materials cooked and narrated by the protagonists.